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Scholarship Chair: Priscilla Thain:

Through University League, You Can Make a Difference!

The University League, a non-profit membership organization founded in 1901, has a long history of supporting UW-Madison students. Since 1985 the League has given more than $1,000,000 in scholarship funding and gifts to UW related organizations. The purpose of the League's is to raise funds for student scholarships and to promote volunteer services, educational opportunities and social activities for its members.

For many decades, University League members have provided generous scholarship support to UW-Madison students. Funds come from the proceeds of the annual Stay at Home Scholarship Benefit, general donations, memorial and honorary donations and endowed scholarships.

The University League has 29 funded Named Endowed Scholarships with a book value of more than $2,000,000. In 2017-18, The University League dispersed $110,259 in spendable income from 25 of the 29 endowed scholarships through the University of Wisconsin Foundation. 

In 2017-18, the University League awarded $32,600 in general scholarships and gifts. This includes $1800 to each of the 11 University of Wisconsin-Madison schools and colleges. The $12,800 UL Memorial Scholarship was given to the College of Letters and Science.  Additionally, $3000 was donated to UW-Madison affiliated organizations

Scholarship Funding Opportunities

The University League's scholarship and gift program is outstanding among Big Ten Women's Organizations. In 2018 The University League awarded $142,859 in Endowed, General and Memorial Scholarships.

There are several ways in which League members and others may participate in funding scholarships and gifts:

1. Scholarship Donations - include donations made when paying dues or event fees as well as monies from fund raising projects such as the Stay at Home Scholarship Benefit. Donations may be made in Memory Of or In Honor Of individuals. Any money left in the operating budget at the end of the year is used for gifts or added to this fund. These funds awarded to 12 UW-Madison Schools and Colleges for scholarships.

2. University League Centennial Endowed Scholarship - established in 2016 to honor 100 years of giving financial aid to UW-Madison students. This scholarship will provide financial support in perpetuity. Contributions may be made to this fund in increments of $100.

3. Named Endowed Scholarships (NES) - An endowed scholarship becomes fully funded when it reaches $25,000 or more. The donor has two options for starting a Named Endowed Scholarship:

A. Donate $25,000 (or more) to immediately fund and establish the scholarship.

B. Yearly installments of $5,000 over 5 years, or any amount as long as $25,000 is reached within 5 year period to be fully funded. Note: the earnings from partialy funded endowments are deposited to the University League Endowed Scholarship Fund. The spendable endowment income is used annually for scholarships. When the NES total contribution reaches $25,000 a named NES may be established in the person's name or, In Memory Of (IMO) or In Honor Of (IHO) an individual.

Persons wanting to create a University League Named Endowed Scholarship should first contact the University League Scholarship Committee Chair and write a letter of intent.


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