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Named Endowed Scholarships

If you would like to contribute to any Named Endowed Scholarship fund by check, please send your check payable to The University League, Inc. to:

The University League, Inc.
P.O. Box 5064
Madison, WI  53705-0064

Be sure to include a note indicating which fund you are donating to.

Funds that allow online contributions using a credit card are linked below. You will be redirected to the University Foundation site.

Letters & Science

Mrs. William F. Allen Endowed
Angelena Frensley Lenehan Endowed


Mildred and Lorentz Adolfson Endowed
Rosa P. Fred Endowed


Dorothy Riley Searles Endowed
Grace Loeffler Thiede Endowed

Agricultural & Life Sciences

Louise B. DeFoliart Endowed


Margaret McKee Hickman Endowed
Helen W. Zillman Endowed

Human Ecology

Norma A. Brooks Endowed
Phyllis Young Endowed


Nancy Howes Harrington Endowed
Lois I. Buelow Endowed

Medicine & Public Health

Thomas H. & Ramona J. Steele Endowed

1/4 of University League Endowed


1/4 of University League Endowed

Law School

1/4 of University League Endowed

Veterinary Medicine

1/4 of University League Endowed

Barbara Gerloff Great People (Administered by the School of Veterinary Medicine)

Student Financial Aid

Pat Cornwell Endowed
Carol V. Palmer Endowed
Oscar N. and Ethel K. Allen
Donald H. & Wilma L. Sites Endowed


Bob and Lois Dick Endowed

Journalism & Mass Communication

Virginia Hill Thayer Endowed

Adult Career & Special Student Services

Cynthia H. Youmans Endowed


Ruth Pugh Gifford Johnson Endowed Scholarship