Supporting the University of Wisconsin–Madison with Scholarships, Service, Education, and Friendship



“Well Red,” a sculpture by artist Douwe Blumberg of a studious-looking UW-Madison mascot Bucky Badger sitting atop a pile of books, is pictured at Alumni Park at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW–Madison)

The University League is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1901. The purpose of the League is to raise funds for student scholarships and to promote volunteer services, educational opportunities, and social activities for its members.

The League has a long history of supporting UW–Madison students. Over the past decade, it has awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarships and gifts to the UW-Madison community. Funds come from the proceeds of Named Endowed Scholarships, General Scholarship donations, and the annual Stay-at-Home Scholarship Benefit.

The University League’s scholarship and gift program is outstanding among Big Ten Women’s Organizations. In 2020-21, The League awarded a total of $138,918 from Endowed Funds and General Scholarship donations.

We now have 29 Named Endowed Scholarships with a book value of approximately $2,500,000. In 2020–21 the League disbursed $106,968 in spendable income from these 29 endowed scholarships through the University of Wisconsin Foundation. The destination of these funds is specified by the donor.

In 2020–21, the League also awarded a total of $34,450 in General Scholarships and gifts. This value was divided as follows: $12,700 to the College of Letters & Science; $1,750 to each of the other 11 University of Wisconsin–Madison schools and colleges; and $2,500 to University of Wisconsin–Madison affiliated organizations.


There are several ways in which League members and others may participate in funding scholarships and gifts.

1. General Scholarship Fund—These funds, which are disbursed at the end of each fiscal year they are donated, are awarded to 12 UW–Madison Schools and Colleges for scholarships, and to UW–Madison affiliated organizations as gifts.  In addition, any balance remaining in the League’s operating budget at the end of the year is added to the General Scholarship Fund.

The University League encourages members and friends to make scholarship donations

  • at any time;
  • by including a donation when paying dues or event fees;
  • by contributing to fundraising projects such as the Stay-at-Home Scholarship Benefit.

Donations may be made in memory of (IMO) or in honor of (IHO) individuals. Checks should be made payable to The University League, Inc. and mailed to:

The University League, Inc.
P.O. Box 5064
Madison, WI  53705-0064

2. University League Centennial Endowed Scholarship — established in 2016 to honor 100 years of giving financial aid to UW-Madison students, this scholarship will generate spendable income in perpetuity. Click here to donate directly to the University League Centennial Endowed Scholarship fund at the UW Foundation. Or mail a check payable to The University League, Inc. to:

The University League, Inc.
P.O. Box 5064
Madison, WI  53705-0064

3. Named Endowed Scholarships (NES)—Persons wanting to create a University League NES should first contact the University League Endowed Scholarship Liaison, Mary Jane Getlinger, and then write a Letter of Intent. An endowed scholarship becomes part of the endowment pool and starts earning spendable income when it reaches $25,000.  The donor has two options for starting a Named Endowed Scholarship:

  1. Donate $25,000 (or more) to immediately fund and establish the named endowed scholarship.
  2. Donate yearly installments of $5000 over five years, or any amount as long as the $25,000 threshold is reached within the five-year period. Donation installments are deposited to the University League Endowed Scholarship Fund. The spendable endowment income of this fund is used annually for scholarships. When the donor’s total contribution to the University League Endowment Fund reaches $25,000, a Named Endowed Scholarship may be established in the person’s name or in memory of (IMO) or in honor of (IHO) an individual.

To DONATE directly to an existing University League Named Endowed Scholarships Fund, please CLICK HERE.